Submission to the Scientific Committee

article-greenThe Biovalsan project was presented to the Scientific Committee of Valorhin*. Representatives of the Urban Community of Strasbourg, the Bas-Rhin General Council, the Territorial Development Directorate and scientists from the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), the National School for Water & Environmental Engineering of Strasbourg (ENGEES) and the Hubert Curien Multidisciplinary Institute (IPHC) were present.

*Valorhin, a subsidiary of Lyonnaise des Eaux France and Degrémont Service, the operator of the Wantzenau WWTP, publishes information annually on scientific projects conducted at the wastewater treatment plant.

Project launch

article-fleurKick-off meeting for French-language projects from France, Luxembourg and Belgium, which were selected for the LIFE+ programme.

The presentation and kick-off meeting of the 22 projects participating in the "LIFE+ 2011" programme was held on Thursday, 25 October 2012 in Paris, at the offices of the European Commission Representation in France. During this meeting, each grant recipient made a brief presentation of the context, background, challenges and benefits of its project.

Biovalsan was awarded a grant through the LIFE+ programme

article-lifeThe European Commission has approved funding for 14 French projects under the 2011 LIFE+ programme’s call for projects.

This programme is Europe’s financial instrument for the environment, co-funding up to 50% of innovative and demonstrable environmental projects. Relative to the 202 projects selected by the EU, France ranked 4th in the number of accepted projects.

One of the selected projects was Biovalsan, driven by a project group comprising Lyonnaise des Eaux, Degrémont Services and Réseau GDS. The project is coordinated by Lyonnaise des Eaux.

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