Challenges and strategy

The Biovalsan project is a model of sustainable management and eco-urban development.

  • The city's effluents are transformed into resources that it can use, based on a short, carbon-neutral, processing model.
  • Resources are fully utilised for maximum energy efficiency:
    • Biogas is converted into biomethane and injected directly into the distribution network for local consumption.
    • The main by-product of bio-digestion, i.e., biogenic CO2 (bioCO2), is no longer released into the atmosphere. Instead, it is made available to local industry in liquefied form for uses representing one of the main thrusts of the project's research.
  • Bio-digestion facilitates the development of local industry in an economically, environmentally and socially 'virtuous cycle':
    • Promoting new eco-neighbourhood projects, thanks to the supply of 'green gas' at the reduced VAT rate of 5.5%.
    • Building local presence by creating the need for new skills and sustainable, non-relocatable jobs.
    • Having positive effects on the Strasbourg area's economic visibility and attractiveness, especially amongst the most innovative companies interested in the availability of green energy resources (e.g., for vehicle fleets running on bio-NGV).

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