Chemical and microbiological qualification of the gas

The purpose of the Biovalsan project is to characterise the components of biogas produced from the sludge of a wastewater treatment plant serving a community of 500,000 inhabitants with an effluent treatment capacity of 1,000,000 inhabitant equivalents. These studies, conducted by the Eurofins-IPL Est and SGS laboratories, will translate into a reference health survey that will be submitted to the Scientific Committee.

Chemical analysis of biogas

The wastewater sludge biogas study aims to characterise the chemical composition of biogas generated from the wastewater treatment plant sludge (sulphur compounds, nitrogen oxides, water, volatile organic compounds, etc.).

These studies will be conducted by SGS laboratories.

Biogas microbiology

The data currently available on the scope and nature of microbiological contamination of biogases are scarce, and there are few research teams that study this topic. Likewise, the sampling protocols are still largely undocumented. The Biovalsan project is therefore promoting scientific progress in an area where current research is still lacking.

These studies will be conducted by the Eurofins-IPL Est laboratories.

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