Réseau GDS

Réseau GDS is a Mixed Economy Company (MEC) in which the City of Strasbourg is the majority shareholder, together with the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations and the GDF Suez Group.

As the inheritor of 175 years of gas industry history at Strasbourg and its surroundings, Réseau GDS is one of the largest local operators of energy networks in France. As operator of the natural gas distribution network for over 100 local communities in the Bas-Rhin department, Réseau GDS delivers 5 billion kWh of natural gas to more than 110,000 points of consumption annually. As guarantor of network safety and thanks to its active involvement in its development, Réseau GDS uses all its available expertise and know-how to offer sustainable, efficient and competitive energy to the largest public.

Réseau GDS is a committed player in regional sustainable development and an active promoter of the most effective energy solutions, in compliance with current and future energy regulations. Together with the Urban Community of Strasbourg, Réseau GDS is actively participating in developing and implementing action plans that will contribute to meeting the goals of a highly demanding Territorial Climate Plan.

In parallel with its investments in energy infrastructure and its actions promoting energy efficiency, Réseau GDS also embraces environmental commitment internally. Thus in 2009, with assistance from the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME), the company established a carbon assessment system based on the Bilan Carbone© method.

This voluntary and proactive initiative aims to engage the entire company in a systematic and continuous drive to reduce its own emissions of greenhouse gases. Subject to annual monitoring and three-year performance certification by Bureau Veritas, an independent agency, in 2012 Réseau GDS became the first energy supplier in France and the first Alsatian company to obtain Carbon Progress© certification.

At the forefront of biomethane industry development within the Urban Community of Strasbourg (UCS), Réseau GDS aims to provide the 'greenest' natural gas in France to the City of Strasbourg and the communities within its distribution network by 2014. This goal rides on the opportunity to exploit, on an industrial scale and using direct distribution, a local and renewable resource with a carbon-neutral footprint, i.e., biomethane produced from household waste, urban wastewater and agricultural waste.

In this context, an initial pilot project was launched in 2010 together with Lyonnaise des Eaux and Degrémont Services, the public service concession holders for the Wantzenau wastewater treatment plant. The project, entitled Biovalsan, was granted financial support through the European Commission's LIFE+ Programme in 2012.

Contact: Isabelle OTT


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